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How to Choose the Best Flooring Company for Your Home

Did you know that some floors such as hardwood floors can last 20 or even 30 years? Choosing the right floor for your house can take a lot of consideration but so can choosing the best flooring company. After all, if you end up hiring the wrong flooring services, you [...]

June 10, 2022|

7 Home Updates That Will Add Value to Your Home

Harvard researchers project that the total spending for Americans on their home remodeling projects in the second half of 2022 can be as much as $430 billion. There are primarily two reasons that Americans spend so much on home updates. One is that people spend so much time at home, [...]

May 27, 2022|

10 Types of Residential Painting Services for Your Home

Taking proper care of your home is a long-term commitment, especially in the Boston area with our extreme weather. Not only do you want your living spaces to be functional and well-maintained, but you also want to present an inviting atmosphere to potential guests.  That's why you're so interested in [...]

April 29, 2022|

What Does It Cost to Tile a Bathroom Floor?

Tile is a $346.5 billion industry, which is an indicator of just how useful it is to homes and other buildings. It's one of the best and most reliable types of flooring, particularly when used in a master bathroom.  Tiling a bathroom floor can give you an incredible return on [...]

April 15, 2022|

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a House?

Did you know you can improve your house's value with exterior paint? Painting your house is a major job but worth the investment. If you want to paint your house but aren’t sure about the costs, we can help. This house painting guide will explain the elements to consider for [...]

March 25, 2022|

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Built-Ins

Are you unhappy with some regions of your home underutilized or crowded with clutter? Do you feel as if furniture or decorations just don't seem to fit? Then, it may be time to start considering custom built-ins.  Beyond creating lavish closets, built-ins can serve an essential role for your home by [...]

March 11, 2022|

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Interior House Paint

During the pandemic, an impressive 70% of people began redecorating their homes. One of the best ways to spruce up the look of your room is by painting. Painting can instantly give your room a complete makeover in a way that purchasing new furnishings cannot. Also, painting is much more [...]

February 25, 2022|

Basement Flooring Options You Should Know About: A Closer Look

The flooring in each room of your house has to handle its own specific issues. Kitchens and bathrooms use tile because it's easy to clean up in the case of an accident. Living rooms and bedrooms often use carpets for comfort and insulation. Basements are notorious for their moisture problems [...]

February 11, 2022|