Modern Kitchen Remodel: The Benefits of Tile Backsplash

Modern Kitchen Remodel: The Benefits of Tile Backsplash

Adding tile backsplash is a must for your next modern kitchen remodel. Check out these rewarding benefits of having a tile backsplash.

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Is a modern kitchen remodel in your future? The average modern kitchen remodel cost is $68,490 for a midrange remodel and $135,547 for an upscale project.

No matter where you fall in the kitchen budget range, you’ll have plenty of decisions about things like backsplash material and appliance finishes. Understanding the benefits of the options helps you pick from all of the modern kitchen remodel ideas you have.

Keep reading for the benefits of installing a tile backsplash.

Protection for Your Walls

The kitchen can be a harsh, potentially dangerous place. Cooking can get very messy with sauces, grease, and other food often splattering around your kitchen while you cook. Spills can add to the potential for messes. 

tile backsplash creates a barrier to protect the drywall in your kitchen. The food messes stick to the tiles instead of soaking into the walls or getting stuck on the paint. Tile is stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about long-term, unsightly marks on your walls.

Tile also shields your walls against moisture. Splashed water, an errant kitchen sprayer, or even steam from cooking can damage the kitchen paint or drywall. The tile protects the areas most susceptible to water damage and comes out unscathed from the water.

Your tile backsplash also protects your walls from all of the heat generated by your appliances, including stoves and toaster ovens. It’s an extra barrier between the wall and the heat-generating source to keep your kitchen protected. 

Easy to Clean

If you’ve ever tried to scrub grease or food splatters off of painted surfaces, you know it’s no easy task. That’s especially true if you have a paint finish that’s difficult to clean, such as flat or eggshell. 

Tile wipes clean much easier than painted surfaces. On fresh messes, a damp cloth is often enough to remove the food debris. You can also use various cleaners on most types of tile for extra cleaning power.

If you have an especially stuck-on spot, you can scrub harder on tile without any damage than you could on a painted wall. The paint quickly rubs off or looks discolored if you have to clean too much.

Sealing the grout lines makes them easier to clean too. Regular sealing keeps splatters from soaking in and causing stains on the grout.

Wide Range of Tile Options

Tiles that work for backsplashes come in a wide range of colors, shapes, materials, and designs, allowing you to express your personal style. Natural stone tile adds an earthy touch to your kitchen while ceramic tile offers a simple, classic look. Glass tile backsplashes are non-porous for enhanced protection against stains and water damage while adding an appealing shine to your walls.

Color options give you plenty of choices that fit your remodel color scheme. You can choose anything from traditional white subway tile for a neutral background to bold, dark colors for a touch of drama. Tile options with patterns on them add even more style and interest.

The variety also makes it easier to fit the scope of your project. If you’re doing a modern small kitchen remodel, you can find small tiles that fit the space well. You can also choose a color that makes the kitchen seem brighter and larger.

The range of tile options also means this backsplash material can fit any remodeling project, even a modern kitchen remodel on a budget. Since you don’t need much tile to cover the backsplash area, you can often splurge on a higher-end tile and still stay within your budget.

Focal Point in the Kitchen

A well-designed tile backsplash creates a beautiful focal point in your kitchen that draws the eye. You can use various installation patterns to change the look of the tile or use a mix of plain and patterned tiles for a unique design. 

No matter how you design your tile backsplash, it creates a finished room about your countertops. It helps tie together all of the other elements and emphasizes your modern style with its fresh, clean look.

Increased Home Value

A tile backsplash might seem like an extra splurge that you don’t need, but it can be a good investment in your home. Tile above your countertops gives your kitchen an upscale, finished look while offering the protection and ease of cleaning that comes with it. All of the benefits of a tile backsplash make your kitchen very appealing to potential buyers. 

Since the kitchen and master bathroom are the two rooms that sell homes, making yours top-notch can help if you’re planning on selling anytime soon. Simple additions, such as a tile backsplash, can increase the value and win over potential buyers with an exceptional kitchen.


Small backsplash tiles often come on mesh sheets, so you can install several tiles at once like you would a larger tile. This gives you the look of small, individual tiles with a much faster and easier installation.

While some people decide to handle the tile backsplash installation themselves, hiring a professional contractor to do the work ensures the backsplash looks great. It can be challenging to align tiles precisely, especially if you’re doing an intricate pattern.

Your backsplash is usually just a small area, so your tile installer can tackle the job quickly. Since the job is relatively quick, it also helps keep the installation costs lower. 

Long-Term Looks

Tile remains unchanged over time. It doesn’t fade or degrade over the years. That means your backsplash looks consistent, maintains its beauty, and avoids looking worn over time.

If something hits one of the tiles and cracks or damages it, you can replace just the damaged tiles, leaving the rest intact. Since the tiles generally don’t fade, the new tile will blend in beautifully with the old tile. This makes it easier to keep your backsplash looking great over time.

Enjoy a Tile Backsplash in Your Modern Kitchen Remodel

When sorting through all of the kitchen remodel ideas, don’t miss out on the perks of a tile backsplash. Improved aesthetics and functional benefits make this addition a strong contender for any modern kitchen remodel.

Are you ready to move forward with your tile backsplash? Contact us today to get a free quote for installing your tile backsplash.