Giving your kitchen a full remodel is a costly venture. No matter where you start, the finish line is often difficult to reach without exceeding your budget.

There are many reasons why homeowners want to remodel. They need more space. The kids are gone, and they can finally afford their dream kitchen. Or the kitchen simply needs a facelift.

Sometimes kitchen cabinet repair and refinishing will breathe new life into a kitchen. Replacement costs can easily set you back a few thousand dollars on a standard-size layout. When new cabinets aren’t an option, it’s the next best remedy.

It’s an adventurous DIY project, but without the proper equipment and experience it will not look as professionally done as you would like. So you should hire a professional for the job.

Are you looking for ways to makeover your kitchen without breaking the bank? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of kitchen cabinet restoration.

Kitchen Cabinet Repair and Refinishing on a Budget

The cost of kitchen cabinet refinishing isn’t cheap, but compared to the cost of replacing your cabinets, it’s a bargain. In most cases, refinishing is up to 50% less than replacement.

Even if you buy new cabinets, you’ll need to ensure they fit your kitchen layout. Replacing bottom cabinets means removing countertops, your sink, and any built-in appliances. All of this will add to the cost of the project.

Operating within a budget doesn’t mean you’re settling for less. Kitchens are the one room that families spend the most time together. You can get a beautiful new look and control the costs.

Your Kitchen Cabinets are Still in Great Condition

If your home’s kitchen cabinets are in great shape, there’s no reason to do a tear-out and replacement. Solid wood cabinets have longevity and oftentimes only require refinishing.

The benefits of kitchen cabinet refinishing includes maintaining the quality and craftsmanship of the original project. Meanwhile, a professional can come in and restore them to give the look of brand-new cabinets.

Whether you love the current color or want a new look, you’ll extend the cabinet’s lifespan.

Another part of the refinishing process is selecting new hardware. If you have flat cabinets, new decorative wood trims can give the cabinets an overall new appearance.

Since the cabinets are still in good condition, the money you would have spent on replacement costs can go towards something else. Maybe new appliances, countertops, flooring, or a new backsplash. 

Cabinets Are in Disrepair

It’s easy to look at your kitchen cabinets and think the only option is a total replacement. Most are expected to last up to 50 years. A qualified cabinet refinisher can change your mind about replacing cabinets.

Broken door hinges, cabinet doors that stick or won’t stay closed are common with age. Even the drawer tracks can come loose after years of use.

Choosing cabinet repair is a personal choice. Sometimes the cabinets are outdated. The wear and tear aren’t worth the trouble to save. However, if the wood is still sturdy and can undergo the repairs, it’s worth consideration.

Get a Unique Look Not Available in Stores

Are you the creative type? Perhaps you’re just tired of your kitchen looking like every other kitchen in the homes of family and friends. The cost of kitchen cabinet refinishing allows you to set your kitchen apart from every other kitchen.

Today kitchen cabinet refinishing goes beyond sanding and re-staining. Other options include painting and high-grade laminate finishes.

Other benefits of kitchen cabinet refinishing is incorporating design ideas that go beyond the cabinet doors. You can also repair damaged hinges, broken drawer tracks, and more.

Turn a barely used corner cabinet into a wine rack or cooler. You can also jazz things up with bold colors and vibrant gloss finishes.  

You Don’t Require a Total Replacement

As we’ve already mentioned, doing a total replacement is expensive and will delay your project. The demolish and replacement route may sound exciting until you get into the job and run into roadblocks.

The benefits of kitchen cabinet repair and/or refinishing means your cabinets are ready in days. There are no tear-outs, drywall replacement, or other construction requirements. 

Simply decide on the paint color or stain, and choose a contractor to come in and get the job done. The disruption to your daily routine is minimal.

Choosing a professional is easy. Use Google’s Local Services by entering kitchen cabinet repair near me. Or kitchen cabinet refinishing near me. The search will return verified businesses in your area. Be sure to look at their reviews and when getting a quote don’t be shy about asking for a reference or two.

No Long Waiting Time for Delivery

In today’s climate, getting big-ticket items delivered has left consumers waiting months for products. The delay can take even longer for custom cabinets if the materials must be shipped from overseas.

Kitchen cabinet repair and refinishing options eliminate delivery delays. Once you know what finish you’d like, the painter can get you on the schedule. The process can have you ready to use your updated kitchen in time for your next big family dinner.

Improve Home Resale Value

Kitchens are usually the focal point of many homes. A home buyer is more likely to be turned off by a house that has an outdated kitchen. 

This upgrade will provide a great return on investment and may even allow for an increase in the selling price. Speak with your realtor to get an idea of what buyers are looking for in kitchens. 

It’s Time to Give Your Kitchen a New Look

Kitchen cabinet repair and refinishing will have you falling in love with your home again. You can get the look you want without the hassle, by hiring a pro that specializes in this area. 

Our team has the expertise to match your vision.

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