Tile is a $346.5 billion industry, which is an indicator of just how useful it is to homes and other buildings. It’s one of the best and most reliable types of flooring, particularly when used in a master bathroom. 

Tiling a bathroom floor can give you an incredible return on investment (ROI) and add longevity to it. So, how much does it cost?

Read on to learn about how to tile a bathroom floor, the costs involved, and more helpful information. 

How Much Does it Cost to Tile a Bathroom Floor?

Start by coming up with a budget for your bathroom project so that you’re able to get the work done in a timely, cost-effective manner. The cost of tiling your bathroom will depend on the type of tile you select as material prices can vary widely, but the national average for a reshly tiled bathroom is  about $12.50 per square foot.

The price that you’ll pay will depend on your geographical area, and a host of other details. 

Here are some factors that affect the price when you’re looking to install bathroom floor tiles:

Measure the Square Footage of the Bathroom 

Installing bathroom floor tiles requires you to measure the bathroom to learn how much square footage you’re dealing with. The contractor that you do business with will likely give you a price quote based on the square footage of the bathroom. 

They’ll measure the floor space that you’re covering, and will break the quote down based on labor and materials. Expect to pay more if this remodel is for a master bathroom, since these are the largest ones in your home. 

Consider the Style You’re Going For

The style also affects the bathroom floor tiles’ installation cost.

It’s important that you also consider the style that you’re looking for and the environment that you’d like to create. Do your due diligence when brainstorming your new bathroom, and choose the tile that will go with a consistent bathroom theme. 

Here are some bathroom styles that you might explore:

  • A minimalist, eco-friendly style bathroom
  • Bathrooms with art deco, Colonial, Gothic, or other styles
  • Master baths that create a spa environment
  • Beach-style bathrooms
  • Modern bathrooms with high-tech features

The style that you’re going for will dictate the tile choices that you go with, and a professional can help you explore your options. 

Shop for the Best Materials

There are several different types of tile that you can look into. Shop with a bathroom remodeling showroom that will let you browse through tiles and touch the materials so that you know what you’re getting. 

Here are some of the style choices that will serve you:

  • Glazed ceramic tiles
  • Vinyl tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Glass tiles
  • Various types of stone tiles
  • Marble tiles
  • Granite tiles

When you shop for these materials, you should consider the aesthetic features, porousness, longevity, and other factors that will affect your bathroom and future expenses. 

Find a Quality Bathroom Tile Contractor

Take the time to get help from a bathroom tile contractor that can assist you with the work. They will provide valuable insight that will help you plan out your next project. 

During a consultation, one of these professionals will walk you through the project so that you know what to expect and to get an accurate price quote. Consider the reputation of the company, and choose someone that has high marks with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Speak to a few different professionals in your city to get advice on the project that will be useful. After speaking to a professional, you’ll start to get ideas about other improvements you can make for your bathroom remodel. Many of these professionals also handle painting work, the installation of new faucets, and several other decisions. 

They’ll also source you with the tile materials and other equipment needed for the job. Get an estimated time of completion for the project so that you can make provisions for the time that you’re without your bathroom. 

Think About the Maintenance Involved

Anytime you’re going to install tile in your bathroom, you’ll need to consider the cleaning and maintenance that comes with it. Letting your tile get too dirty will make maintenance more difficult and costly. 

Have a routine for cleaning your floors, and find a cleaning solution that is gentle and eco-friendly. You’ll be able to come up with a routine to regularly clean, mop, and polish your floors so that your bathroom retains its charm. 

You might also have to fix individual tiles from time to time if they start to crack, chip, or otherwise sustain damage. Failing to fix these issues might cause the cracks to widen, and they’ll be more susceptible to damage from moisture and foot traffic. 

Transform Your Bathroom With Tile

When you’d like to tile a bathroom floor, the tips in this article will be useful to you. This is the type of job that will make you fall in love with your bathroom all over again. 

Give yourself the chance to keep the costs under control and to plan out every detail, beginning with the materials that you choose. 

Start with this bathroom floor tiles installation guide and take the next steps to hire professionals for more help.

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