Are you looking to sell your home? Are you ready to invest in a new paint color that will make it pop in pictures and when buyers come to visit?

An attractive view from the street can help boost your home value, as well as the value of your neighborhood. It gives buyers their first impression and sets expectations for what they’ll see inside. 

A fresh coat of paint indoors is an inexpensive way to make your home look newer and well-maintained. 

Here are some of the best paint colors for selling a house.

1. White, Gray, or Blue Exterior

When people visit your home for the first time, they’ll be looking for a traditional exterior color. This is not the place to experiment with bright purple or a splashy orange unless you’re running a daycare.

An off-white color is particularly popular, especially when paired with greige shutters. These provide a subtle, classy contrast. In fact, according to Zillow, homes painted this color will sell for more than $3,000 more

Light blue is also a fresh, welcoming color, especially if you live near the shore. It gives your home an airy, tranquil look. 

A subtle gray is also a great neutral tone for selling a home. It can make your home appear cool, classy, and ready for the perfect wreath and welcome mat.

2. Green-Gray Kitchen

If you don’t use your kitchen often or cook quite neatly, white is a great option. It provides a bright, modern look and opens up space.

If, however, you’re like most home chefs, the sauce can occasionally splatter and kids can leave fingerprints. A color that’s a little more forgiving can provide a welcoming, neutral look without showing any stains. 

The green-gray color is one of the best wall paint colors because it looks elegant and tasteful, especially when contrasted with white trim. It’s also a great way to show off decorative wall pieces, such as wall-mounted dishes.

3. Tan Bathroom 

Traditionally, powder blue is a popular color for a bathroom. It’s sweet and inviting, and it opens up a small space.

Recently, however, colors like tan are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom spaces. The brown undertones bring out your bathroom hardware and pick up the veins in the marble, especially with the lights on.

Yet a tan color won’t overwhelm a room the way brown does. And it really pops and when paired with white trim. 

4. Lavender Bedroom 

Neutral colors are a great way to sell your home. Buyers want to visualize themselves, their furniture, and their wall art in the home, and they’re not looking for sparks of the current owner’s personality.

If, however, your home is painted mostly in shades of white and gray, a little color in your bedroom can provide a nice contrast. A lavender-blue shade is calming in the evening and energizing in the morning. It looks great with dark-stained wood furniture and cream upholstery.

5. Beige Living Room

A fresh coat of paint will immediately make your living room look fresher and more refined. Beige has subtle undertones that can really bring out features like a hardwood floor, crown molding, or French doors. If you have exposed beams or a fireplace, get ready to show them off in all of their warm glory with a fresh coat of beige paint.

While simple pieces of wall art may look stunning, avoid showing anything personal while showing your home to prospective buyers. You won’t want them to see pictures or awards.

Professional Painting vs. DIY

It can be tempting to paint your home yourself when you’re getting ready to sell. It seems like the less expensive option, and you can watch a few videos online to learn the skill.

A professional painter, however, may be well worth the investment, especially if you’ve never painted a room before. Painting involves more than just taking a brush to your walls.

You’ll need to know how to apply painter’s tape and “cut in” before you start. A professional will know when to use a roller and when a brush is appropriate. And when it comes to trim and tricky places like bookshelves, a professional will know exactly how to make your spaces look neat and attractive without any extra training.

A professional will help you make important decisions, such as when to use a primer or mildew fighter. And they can help you choose a color that won’t overwhelm your room.

Hiring a professional is especially necessary if you’re looking to paint your home’s exterior. The process involves special procedures, such as sealing cracks, frames, and molding. And don’t forget that ladders will be involved, and a professional will be able to paint your home safely. 

Hiring a professional can also help you save time and money. A job that might only take a professional a couple of days could end up becoming a week’s project for you. Many people are busy with their jobs and families and can’t commit to painting a room full time.

If you aren’t happy with your painting job or the color you picked, you could end up spending additional money on a re-do. Hiring a professional the first time will ensure that you get the best value for your buck.

Start Choosing the Best Paint Colors for Selling a House

A beautifully painted home can help you get top dollar for your investment. By choosing the best paint colors for selling a house, you will bring in buyers and keep your home looking fresh and classy.

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