Did you know you can improve your house’s value with exterior paint? Painting your house is a major job but worth the investment. If you want to paint your house but aren’t sure about the costs, we can help.

This house painting guide will explain the elements to consider for your budget. You’ll get the answer to your question, “How much does it cost to paint a house?”

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What’s Your Paintable Area?

To determine how much you will spend on this job, you need to measure the paintable area.

First, measure the perimeter of your house. Multiply it by the height of the home. Then, you will get the paintable area measurements. Start by subtracting the area of your windows and doors.

Typically, a standard door is around 21 square feet. Windows tend to be about 12 square feet. Do you have gables or balconies? Consider hiring a professional, so you get an accurate and detailed estimate.

An average 2,500 square foot home will have over 2,000 square feet of paintable regions. One gallon of plant tends to cover 250-400 square feet.

Remember, you will need to complete two coats of paint on the exterior of your home. Check out this helpful guide for trendy color options.

What About Labor?

Next, you’ll need to think about the labor costs. Professional painters will charge between $20 and $100 an hour.

Experienced painters can look at your house and determine the length of time it will take. They will also know how many painters they need to assign to the project to finish the job.

If you work with a newer company, you might get a deal. But vet their insurance coverage, quality guarantee, prior experience of their workers and any reference or reviews they have.  There are a lot of fly by night firms and independant contractors that will paint your house.  Be careful.  This is the exterior of you most valuable asset.  Think of it as an investment.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a House With Old Siding?

Before painting the exterior of your home, you need to inspect the siding. Are areas falling apart? You should look at replacing the broken siding instead of repairing and painting over it.

Also, you might need to either pre-treat or sand the surface of your siding.

Do you have engineered wood siding? Most of the time, this siding will have a primer on it already.

If you’re painting for the first time ever, you might not need to prime the siding. Also, composite wood siding doesn’t need as many coats of paint compared to hardwood siding.

If your siding is fiber cement, it will already have a layer of paint on it. It’s a bit cheaper to paint compared to brick.

Aluminum siding will fade over time and start to appear chalky. Homeowners will need to repaint it once in a while, but it’s cheaper to paint than wood.

For brick homes, you won’t need as much paint. It’s a little more expensive to paint than engineered wood.

Talk to your painting contractor to find out the process of painting your home.

What About the Climate and Location?

Climate and weather will affect the kind of paint you end up choosing. It will also impact how often you will need to paint your house.

Do you live in a hot climate? Direct sunlight tends to cause exterior paint to fade.

Does your region experience brutal winters? You might deal with high humidity levels. You will need paint that can withstand these elements.

What’s the Condition of Your House?

The condition of your home can affect the project’s cost. It will be easier if your home is in solid shape, so you won’t need to complete maintenance beforehand.

If your home is in disrepair, you will need to plan out the prep work. You will need to complete repairs before you can even begin priming or painting.

The prep work includes power washing, sanding, filling cracks, or finishing siding repair. Experienced professionals who complete this work will ensure the job gets done right.

Quality of Paint and Primer

The quality of the paint and primer will matter. You should avoid choosing a low-priced paint. Make sure your contractor is using a quality paint so it last 6-9 years. A low quality (priced) paint won’t last as long and you will end up painting more frequently, maybe even causing damage and costly repairs.

Quality paints will provide excellent coverage and are thicker. You might spend more money upfront, but choose the higher quality paint so the results will last longer.

Finding the right paint has become a little tricker. There are shortages at the moment, and the costs have increased. Work with a reputable painting contractor who will help you through this process.

Consider Shopping Around

Before you pick a paint contractor, you should try comparing quotes. Talk to a few painting contractors. Ask each contractor to give you a quote.

You want to find a crew you feel comfortable with and who maintain a professional attitude. If you’re unsure whom to choose, consider asking for a few client references.

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When possible, choose high-quality paints and primers. Make sure you finish any prep work before the job, so there aren’t any delays.

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