What makes a house a home? The answers, of course, range from decor to memories and everything in between. One of the more noticeable features, however, is finish carpentry.

What is finish carpentry? This type of carpentry is what makes a house functional while also giving it an aesthetic appeal.

Finish carpentry includes all of the wood features in a home or building. This includes the trim around the windows, the baseboards lining the walls, and the cabinets hanging in the kitchen. Each piece offers pleasing aesthetics as well as function.

One of the best aspects of finish carpentry is it can offer you a high ROI (return on investment) own your home! When done well, finish carpentry can transform a room and give it a feeling and personality. It’s a fun and budget-friendly way to boost the value of your home while making it fit your needs.

Are you looking for ways to improve and add value to your home? Check out these beautiful and budget-friendly finish carpentry ideas to boost the value and look of your home.

A Custom Mudroom for Added Value & Function

Adding a custom mudroom to your home will make organization and storage a little easier. Mudrooms are the transitional room that bridges the outdoors with the indoors.

Most people use a mudroom as a storage area for items that would normally clutter a home. You can find items like boots, jackets, and sports gear as well as washers and dryers in a mudroom.

Despite the name, a mudroom isn’t a place where you toss your items and forget about them. Today’s mudrooms have well-crafted cabinets, hanging areas, cubbies, benches, and sometimes, counters or tables. All of these interior items are customizable in terms of material, colors, and layout to fit your needs and style.

A mudroom is a wonderful finish carpentry project due to its small size. It’s affordable that also adds value and function to your home.

Crown Molding Adds Beauty and Value

Do you want to add a touch of class and elegance to your home? You can enhance the look and feel of a room by adding crown molding. They’re a small detail but will add value to your home.

Crown molding is a decorative piece made from wood or plaster that sits between the top of a wall and ceiling. They also appear above kitchen cabinets, windows, and doorways, much like a crown.

The purpose of a crown molding is mostly aesthetic. This small finish carpentry detail, however, can transform a room. The nearly endless number of styles and sizes allows them to enhance any room in any architectural style.

When deciding how and where to add crown molding, you need to consider the style and height of the room. Crown molding looks best when they match the color or pattern of existing wood features such as kitchen cabinets, trim, or baseboards.

Adding crown molding can be budget-friendly but if you’re not careful it can add up quickly. Make sure you mention your budget when you start talking with your finish carpenter.

Replace Interior Doors

Are you still using the same outdated doors that came with your home? Why not replace your doors to match your preferred style and the interior design of your home?

Doors are a great finish carpentry project that can transform a home from a lifeless space to a place with personality. There are many different styles, textures, and types of doors for you to choose from.

Pocket doors are unique sliding doors that tuck away into the wall when open. French doors offer a splash of elegance and sophistication. The best part is this can be an easy and small home improvement project that adds a lot of value to your home.

The only thing to keep in mind is you’ll want your doors to match or complement existing finish carpentry. Your finish carpenter can help you with this.

Add Custom Built-Ins

Custom built-ins are perfect for taking full advantage of small nooks or awkward walls. They can transform under-utilized walls into useful spaces for organization, added appeal, and give a room a focal point.

A custom built-in includes wall shelving, bookshelves, cubbies, drawers, and more. The living room is a great place to add custom built-ins as you can create custom multi-functional entertainment centers. Adding a custom built-in bookshelf in the office will help with organization and add an aesthetic appeal.

Don’t, however, feel you need to limit yourself to only walls. You can get creative with your custom built-ins by adding closets, shelves, and drawers in unique and unexpected places. There’s plenty of underutilized space beneath stairways and around windows and doors.

This type of finish carpentry can be as small or as large as you want to depend on your preferences and budget. The added style and storage will improve the value of your home and make organization a breeze.

A Custom Master Bedroom Closet

Your master bedroom is spacious, well-lit, and connects to the master bathroom. The only downside is the current closet is tiny making it a challenge for you to store and organize your clothes and other personal items.

Not having enough storage space can make a master bedroom feel like a stressful disorganized mess. Adding a custom master bedroom closet is a great way to improve storage space and reduce stress. It’s also affordable and will improve the value of your home.

There are many types of custom closets for you to consider. The size of your master bedroom will determine whether you can expand to a walk-in or larger reach-in closet. If not, there’s the option to customize the interior of your current closet with additional storage cubbies, shelves, and hanging areas.

Consider finish carpentry that complements or matches your home’s current interior decor to get the best look.

Finish Carpentry Adds Value to Your Home

Adding more finish carpentry to your home is an affordable way to improve the look and feel of your home. By adding details and more storage, you’ll increase the value of your home. You’ll have a greater ROI whether you sell or continue living in your home.

Have a project in mind? Let’s get in touch and start planning your next home improvement project.