The simple task of applying a fresh coat of paint to your home can make a huge difference to how your interior looks and feels. But knowing when to do this task, and completing the job to a high standard is a much more difficult question.

You might be asking yourself: do I need a fresh coat of paint for my house? Or: how often should I touch up the paint in my home?

Keep reading for answers to both of these questions and more!

1. Is the Paint Fading?

The first clue to look for to determine if your walls need a touch-up, is to decide if the paint has faded? You might notice that darker shades of paint and walls that are exposed to sunlight fade the quickest.

If low-quality paint or inferior painting techniques were used, this will also speed up the process of your paint fading.

While no paint can entirely prevent your walls from fading, our team at Ulta Home Painting know how to avoid all the common painting mistakes, and can provide quality professional and quick work that will make your home like new again.

2. Are You Tired of the Color?

Another reason to give your house a fresh coat of paint is if you are ready for a new look. Perhaps you inherited the color of the walls from the previous occupants, or maybe the last time you decorated was simply for a different period of your life.

Either way, if you’re looking to change up the feel or aesthetic of your home, this is a great opportunity to give your walls a fresh coat of paint. Not only will your walls look clean, neat, and vibrant, but by choosing a different shade, you can give the room a totally different feel.

3. Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home?

If you’re considering a fresh coat of paint for your house, there is no better time to do this than before you put your property on the market. Freshly painted walls can add significant value to your property.

They give your home a polished appearance, reassuring potential buyers that the property does not require major work once they have moved in.

While painting your home just before you sell it might seem like a big investment, there are many benefits. By painting the rooms in neutral colors, you can de-personalize your home, helping buyers to easily imagine living in your house. Finally, the cost of new fresh paint job is often covered by the profit you’ll make by selling your property for a higher price.

4. How Long Has It Been?

Another good way to judge whether your house could do with a paint job is by considering the time that has passed since it was last done. Different rooms are areas of the house can last longer without being repainted.

For example, hallways are one of the parts of your home that should be repainted the most often, as much as every two to three years. This is because of the frequent comings and goings of people through the hallway. These walls are likely to pick up scuff marks, dings, and stains from kids hands.

Meanwhile, rooms such as the dining room, living room, and ceilings can be painted less frequently, around every five to seven years.

5. Do You See Any Cracks?

If you can see cracks in your walls, this should be a clear sign that coats of fresh paint are needed. Cracked paint might also appear in the form of flaking paint, so be sure to look out for this as well.

Cracking or flaking paint is an indication that the proper preparation and finishing steps were not carried out correctly. At Ulta Home Improvements, we ensure that the proper cleaning and priming processes are followed.

It’s important to take action at the first sign of cracking, as there might be further damage to the walls that cannot be ascertained without a professional.

6. Is There Any Mold?

If you’re wondering when to opt for a fresh coat of paint for your walls, mold is a clear answer that you should do it now! Mold damage is clear for any professional to identify and remove, but once the mold itself has gone, it can often leave unpleasant marks and spots behind.

A new lick of paint can quickly resolve this problem. It might even give you the excuse you’ve been waiting for to redecorate the room in question!

7. Are There Stains or Marks?

Another reason why you should think about hiring an expert to repaint your home is to get rid of unsightly marks and stains. Whether your children, pet, or other half is the culprit, walls are easily marked up during the course of everyday life.

We recommend prioritizing the parts of your home that are unlikely to become stained again once redecorated. This might mean your master bedroom, spare bedroom, or bathroom.

Most marks are quickly and easily painted over by our expert painters at Ulta Home.

8. Are the Walls Damaged?

The final point to bear in mind when deciding if your interior walls need a fresh coat of paint is potential damage to the walls. While you might not be inclined to address this problem, these problems tend to go up in cost over time. Ulta Home will repair your walls, whether sheet rock or plaster, and can also have our expert Finish Carpenters replace or repair any trimwork or add wainscotting to dress up your walls.  

Once holes, chips, and damage have been taken care of, enlist the help of Ulta Home to restore a cozy and polished look to your interior with a beautiful paint job by our professionals.

Now You Know When to Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

We’ve now considered all of the essentials when it comes to touching up the paint in your home. From the fresh coat of paint meaning, to which signs to look out for, you now know exactly when it’s needed.

If you think your home might need a fresh coat of paint, whether for the interior or exterior, Ulta Home can help. Contact us today for a free quote!