Do you plan to repaint your business, but you don’t know where to start? A commercial painter can give your business premises the makeover you desire. 

If the paint in your commercial building is peeling, cracking, or fading, it will harm your image. Your employees, customers, and visitors will think that you have little regard for maintaining the building. The building will also be prone to rot and decay when the material underneath is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

To improve your building’s curb appeal through painting, you need to hire an expert commercial painter. You should also know what to ask the contractor before you hire them.

Once you find a prospective painter for your business premises, here are eight questions to ask them:

1. What Specialized Training and Licenses Do You Have?

Ask the professional painter about their specialized training and licenses. Check whether they have an SSPC certification to prove that they’re an excellent fit for the job. SSPC certifications are usually awarded to contractors who have demonstrated a high level of skill and knowledge in industrial painting.

The painter should have hands-on experience in coating application and surface preparation. They must have an excellent track record working on complex industrial buildings.

Most painting certification programs carry out audits on painters to test their competence. The audits help prove a contractor’s ability to handle challenges that come with the job.

Check your state’s licensing board for painters to determine whether the painter is licensed. A licensed painter has the legal right to work on commercial buildings. They can also prove their work experience with a clip/photo of completed projects and work references.

2. Do They Have Customers Who Can Prove Their Track Record?

Ask the contractor for proof of their work during the initial consultation meeting. Reliable customer reviews will help you know what to expect from commercial painting services.

Most painters post their customer testimonials on their official websites. You can also find these testimonials on review sites like Yelp. Use the reviews to determine whether their past clients were satisfied with their work.

The contractor must show you samples of their recently completed work. They should also give you a link to their online project portfolio to gauge their competence. The portfolio will help you get a sense of what to expect when hiring the painter.

3. When Will They be Working on Your Project?

You need to be sure about the project’s timeframe before painting services begin. The painter should give you the actual dates and times they will be working. They also need to inform you about the number of days the job will take.

A routine schedule will help you make adjustments in your business to accommodate the paint job. The project may take a little longer if it requires complicated tools and products. Either way, the contractor should inform you about any delays or obstacles that may extend the project’s timeframe.

If you are having your exterior walls repainted, unfavorable weather conditions may slow the work. The painter must explain to you the steps needed to resolve these challenges.

4. Who Will Work on the Project?

The contractor should let you know whether they’ll have their staff on site. Ask them how many people you should expect around your premises to be assured of the quality of the paint job. Confirm whether the painter will be using subcontractors or internal employees to handle the work.

Ensure that the workers deployed to your premises are adequately trained and accountable. They should know how to inspect, prime, prepare and paint different materials or surfaces.

5. What Kind of Prep Work Will They Do?

Learn more about the kind of prep work the painter does on buildings. They should inform you about the steps taken to prepare the surfaces before painting begins. Ask them whether your building needs any repairs or replacements.

The contractor should tell you about the procedures taken to protect the painted surfaces. Find out if they’ll cover your windows, floors, and decorative pieces to keep your premises free of paint residues.

6. What Products Will They Use?

Your building’s curb appeal will depend on the quality of the paint used. Avoid painting contractors who use inferior paint brands or painting tools to cut costs.

Ensure that the painter uses high-quality paint for more durable and weather-resistant finishes. Ask them for a color consultation to know the color options that suit your business. The contractor must also be trained to use top-quality paint brands to guarantee quality work.

7. What Complications That May Arise and Are They Prepared to Handle Them?

Assess the contractor’s ability to identify and respond to complications during your first meeting. They should assure you that they are ready to handle any concerns with the paint job.

For instance, if they discover rot or decay, they should connect you to a carpenter to do the repairs. They should also use EPA-certified lead-free paints to protect you from lead poisoning.

Unfavorable weather conditions like excessive cold and heat, and rain can impact the quality of the painting. The painter must have measures in place to fight these environmental conditions.

8. Who Should be Contacted for Any Question or Problem?

The commercial painter should have a dedicated customer support team to handle your queries. They must be reachable whenever you have a burning question about the work.

Check whether the company is reputable for quality customer service before hiring painters. They should have a general manager, crew leader, and job site supervisor at every project course. They have to support you and respond to your questions.

Hire a Commercial Painter Today

It’s no secret that finding a reliable commercial painter can, at times, be challenging. However, with the questions highlighted in this guide, you can pick the right fit for your painting project. Good luck finding a contractor who can meet your commercial painting needs.

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