Are you planning to spruce up your bathroom?

Your home is your pride and joy and it’s only natural that you want it to look its best. From the color scheme to those finishing touches, you want the perfect result. To get that, the tiles you choose will play a vital role in completing the look you’ve chosen. But with so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to know which type of tile is right for your bathroom.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Keep reading for these 7 types of tile that will make a great addition to any bathroom.

1. Porcelain

Porcelain tiles present a durable choice. They’re water-resistant and resist stains too which makes them a perfect bathroom tile. They’re low maintenance; easy to wipe clean and you can disinfect them if you want to.

Another great perk is the number of designs and options you have with porcelain. You can get different patterns, textures, and color shades.

The negative of porcelain is the tiles themselves can be on the brittler side. This can lead to cracking, which means you need to replace that tile. Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep a box of spares so it will match.

Another issue is they can become slippery when wet, so you would need to take extra care. A non-slip bath mat can help here. When it comes to tile cost, they’re also on the more pricy end. This is because you’ll need professionals to install them.

Finally, the grouting will need sealing as it’s porous. Over time, as it’s exposed to moisture it can discolor and you may need to have it completely redone.

2. Ceramic

In comparison, you can get ceramic tiles at a lower cost, making them a great choice for those on a budget. Ceramic is also durable, easy to keep clean, and provides stain and water resistance. As such, they’re able to withstand everything your bathroom could throw at them.

As for sealing, these tiles are glazed so you don’t have to worry about discoloration from moisture. You can get them in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures too.

The only thing to note is manufacturers make them in runs. This means there can be some variation between batches of the same color or pattern tiles.

The big downside is the glazing can get scratched or chipped. This can be difficult to repair or resurface, so you may need to replace the tiles in question. As above, it’s a good idea to keep a few spares to make sure they match if this happens.

3. Marble

Marble gives a stunning, luxurious appearance and can even add value to your home. For a bathroom, it can make a bold statement with a surface you can polish until it sparkles and glitters.

Marble is a natural stone. This makes its production kinder on the environment than synthetic options. Marble is porous though and is very absorbent so bear this in mind.

This could be an issue if you’re using colorants like hair dye as it can stain the marble. It can also get damaged from harsh cleaning products and acidic fruits like lemons.

4. Slate

Whether it’s rough, rustic, or polished slate you choose there are many reasons it’s a good choice. Again, it’s a natural material, so kinder to the environment.

It’s resistant to scratches scrapes and water. It’s also fire-resistant and very low-maintenance. The extra bonus is the texture and color make chips and dirt not very noticeable.

On the downside when it comes to types of home tile it’s at the higher end of the price scale. While it’s hard, it’s also brittle and as such if you drop something heavy, it can break the tile.

It also doesn’t conduct heat well, meaning on colder days it can be uncomfortable on your bare feet. The density of the tile can also take a toll on your feet after long periods of time.

5. Vinyl

Another of the best tile types for those on a budget is vinyl. It’s affordable, and it’s easy to install too. With peel and stick options, there is the possibility of DIY installation if you feel able.

Vinyl is also a flexible material, which can help those living homes with shifting floors. This can also help where the temperatures fluctuate to an extreme level. Not to mention, these tiles are also easy to maintain and keep clean.

Something to bear in mind is it’s a softer material and can get cut or gouged with ease. They may also give off VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can pollute indoor air.

Another downside is that it doesn’t give the same luxury feel as some of the other options on this list. As such, if you come to sell, this could be something buyers reflect in the offer they make.

6. Glass

Glass tiles give a stunning finish and there are a huge variety of styles and colors. You might have already seen them as smaller mosaic tiles, but you can get them in a variety of different sizes too.

They reflect the light and add brightness to your bathroom space. They’re an eco-friendly option, easy to clean, and can stand up to the moist environment.

The trouble with glass is it can scratch if you use harsh cleaning cloths or substances that are gritty. Also, they have a heftier price tag and need professional installation. If you apply the adhesive wrong, it will be very noticeable and look messy.

7. Granite

When you think of granite, you think of kitchen counters most likely. But they can be a great house tile option for bathrooms. They’re very durable, able to handle spills and drops from heavier objects.

It’s quite low-maintenance, though you’ll need to use granite-safe cleaner. But, there are a variety of styles, patterns, and colors that will match any color scheme you choose.

Granite can be expensive, and due to how heavy it is you will need professionals to install it even in tile form as the subfloor or wall surface needs to be level. If opting for tiled flooring, bear in mind that these tiles also can get slippery when they’re wet.

Types of Tile to Make Your Bathroom Shine

So, there you have it! Now you know these top types of tile your bathroom renovation is sure to shine.

Think about your bathroom needs and the longevity of the project. Do you want something luxurious, that will continue to boost the value of your home. Or are you looking more for style on a budget that’s practical to keep clean.

Once decided, think about professional installation and contact us today. At Ulta Home Improvements, we strive to see your vision and create a finished space you can be proud of.