Are you looking to update an old garage floor to give it a fresh, clean, updated appearance? Perhaps you’re considering the benefits of having your concrete floor sealed to make it more resistant to damage.

By epoxying a garage floor, you add a layer of durable protection against wear and tear with the added benefits of a sleek, glossy finish. 

Epoxy flooring has grown in popularity in recent years and it’s easy to see why. This resilient, cost-effective effort can transform what’s typically considered the most neglected space of the home.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not epoxying a garage floor is the right choice for you, take into consideration these 7 benefits of doing so:

1. A Smooth and Stylish Appearance

After epoxying a garage floor, you’ll immediately notice how sleek and smooth your new garage floor will look. Your new, shiny garage floor surface covers defects and imperfections with a flawless sheen.

Epoxy finishes are available in a variety of colors and designs so you can choose the right tone and finish to suit your garage and personal preferences.

You might even decide to have small chips of quartz or mica added to the mixture of epoxy to add more traction and style. Metallic epoxy coatings are a popular option as well and add a polished appearance that greatly improves your garage’s appearance. 

2. Epoxying a Garage Floor is Cost-Effective

Epoxy flooring provides an affordable option compared to the costs associated with removing current flooring and having tile or vinyl installed.

In fact, if you decide to upgrade your garage flooring, you don’t even need to have your current floors removed to enjoy an epoxy upgrade. An epoxy finish can be installed without going through an expensive removal and reinstallation process. 

Professional epoxy installation is a worthwhile investment and can be done quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost of replacing current flooring with tile or vinyl. 

3. Resistance Against Damage

If you’re looking to fortify the floors of your garage floors, basement floors, or laundry room floors, an epoxy coating can add extra resistance against damage. Epoxy flooring can easily absorb water, heat, or shock, in ways that other materials cannot do.

It’s the ideal garage flooring material for resisting any chemical or substance that your vehicles might emit. Oil spills, yardwork debris, dirty tires, and frequent use is no match for the durability of epoxy flooring. 

4. Shock Resistance

Epoxy flooring is known for being shock-resistant due to its natural toughness. Otherwise damaging impacts such as heavy items falling onto the floor cannot damage epoxy flooring.

Use of machinery, power tools, or recreational gear on epoxy floors will not leave marks or dents. Though crashes might chip your concrete, a thick epoxy coat is not easily damaged. 

5. Water Resistance

In epoxying a garage floor, your floor becomes water-resistant which protects it from flooding or distortion due to spills or water damage.

Be aware that some epoxy surfaces are more slippery than others since the water doesn’t soak in, but instead sits on the surface of the floor. You can always request to have a slip-resistant aggregate added to your epoxy floors to make them less slippery. 

6. Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest advantages of epoxy flooring is its ease of maintenance. When you cover your concrete with epoxy, you make them much easier to sweep and keep clean. You can use a mop, vacuum, or broom to clean the surface of your epoxy floors.

Though you can use just about any cleaning method you choose to tidy up your new floors, there’s no special cleaning solution required to get the job done. Some warm water and dish soap is all that’s needed to refresh the surface of your floors with ease. 

Epoxy is a sanitary option since germs, bacteria, and grime does not adhere to its surface. And since it’s resistant to scratching, even heavy-duty cleaning appliances can be used. 

7. Safer and More Visible

Floors that have been coated in epoxy add to the brightness and visibility of the surrounding space. The surface of epoxy floors reflects light and illuminates the room. The majority of epoxy finishes have a bright sheen that adds an element of elegance. 

Epoxy is also a very safe option due to the ability to add extra traction with the help of polymer grit, mortar, gravel, or sand. Be sure to speak with your epoxy technician to discuss the options available to you for added traction and how those additions will alter the surface of the epoxy. 

It’s worth noting that as the epoxy finish cures, the fumes will not harm you so long as your installation professionals take all the necessary precautions to ventilate the area before getting to work. Once the floors have been cured, the epoxy floor is completely safe. 

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