7 Benefits of Installing Hardwood Floors for New Homeowners

If you are moving into a new home, you should consider which areas could use new floors. Here are benefits of installing hardwood floors for homeowners.

Your new home might need new floors, but which type of flooring is best? Depending on where you install new flooring, you have plenty of options when it comes to replacing old floors and starting fresh with an upgrade. 

In many areas of your home, hardwood flooring is an excellent option. It’s resilient, durable, and gives your home a classic look that works with just about any change to your decor over time. 

Hard flooring not only looks beautiful, but it also has plenty of benefits! Keep reading to learn about seven benefits of installing hardwood floors. 

1. Add Value To Your Home

Homes with hardwood flooring are in demand! Even though you just moved in, replacing old laminate or tile floors with hardwood flooring adds instant value to your home. 

You’ll enjoy your new floors for as long as you stay in your home. When you outgrow the house or need to relocate, your hardwoods will improve your overall home value and help you sell it at a better price. 

Hardwood flooring isn’t just a design trend—it’s a smart way to create the look you want while adding value to your new home!

2. Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Carpeting is a good option if you prefer soft, lush flooring. However, most carpeting traps dust mites and dirt. As air circulates through your home, those dust mites get pulled into your HVAC system and degrade the air quality inside the house. 

If you suffer from asthma or allergies, carpeting can make it difficult to breathe. Replacing carpet with hardwood flooring is an ideal option for anyone dealing with lung or allergy issues.

Hardwoods don’t trap dust, dirt, or allergens. Most houses with hardwood flooring experience an improvement in indoor air quality. You’ll breathe easier after a floor installation service takes out the carpet and puts in your hardwood floor. 

3. Outlast Other Types of Flooring

Laminates, carpeting, and tiles show wear and tear easier (and sooner) than properly installed hardwood flooring.

Even with professional installation, laminate flooring shows scuffs, scrapes, and tears with heavy use. Scraping chairs across the floor or a house full of dogs and kids can quickly shorten the life of laminate or tile. 

Carpet requires regular deep cleaning to remove ground-in dirt and stains. A tear in your carpeting can require replacing the flooring for the whole room. 

Hardwood is the right flooring material to stand up to heavy traffic and a busy household! It resists scuffs and scrapes from everyday use.

Depending on your lifestyle, some hardwoods are harder than others. Installers can help you select your flooring based on a hardness scale. Choose a wood that’s hard enough to look nice despite the daily activity of your home. 

4. Enjoy Easy Clean-Up

Never deal with cleaning carpet stains again. Hardwood flooring is easy to keep clean and won’t absorb stains like carpet and some types of tile or laminate flooring. 

We mentioned that hardwoods can help improve your indoor air quality. This type of flooring can also improve the overall cleanliness of your home. If you need a more hygienic type of flooring, hardwood is an excellent option!

With a quality installation and professional finish to your floors, hardwoods won’t absorb spills. It’s easy to wipe your floors clean without worrying about lingering moisture that can cause mold or mildew.

You can also avoid the use of harsh chemicals when cleaning your hardwood floors. Using a mild soap and water does the trick! For asthma and allergy sufferers, using chemicals can make it hard to breathe. 

While you never want to let spills sit on your hardwood floors, cleaning hardwood flooring is simple and less time-consuming than other types of flooring. 

5. Add a Timeless Look

There’s a reason so many people are uncovering hardwood floors in older homes or tearing out laminate floors and replacing them with beautiful hardwoods! This flooring provides a timeless, classic look that syncs with almost any decor.

You can repaint and redecorate your walls and rooms, but you won’t ever need to replace a hardwood floor to make it work with your home’s new look. Keep your flooring in excellent condition by refinishing with sanding and restaining them. 

Laminates and tiles can support a trendy look that eventually goes out of style. Your new hardwood floors will outlast any trend and make it easier to sell your home again when the time comes. 

6. Enjoy More Warmth Than Tile

There’s a misconception that hardwood flooring makes your home too cold during the winter. While it might not warm your feet as much as carpeting or a thick rug, hardwoods are a warmer option than tile. 

Stepping onto a cold tile floor can be uncomfortable at any time of year. However, hardwood flooring retains more warmth than tile. 

Hardwood also isn’t as “hard” as you think. Many people choose carpeting to provide a softer surface for kids. While tile can be hard enough to injure someone on impact, hardwoods aren’t as hard as tile flooring. 

It might hurt to fall on a hardwood flooring, but it’s actually a softer landing than tile. 

7. Save Money 

Hardwood flooring and installation can be more expensive upfront, but you’ll save money over time. Hardwoods are a cost-effective way to upgrade your flooring for the length of time you stay in your home. 

You’ll save money using fewer chemicals to clean your floors. You won’t need to replace your hardwoods when carpeting should be replaced every five to fifteen years. Repairing a hardwood floor requires fixing only the effected boards, rather than replacing the entire room’s carpet or laminate flooring. 

Hardwood flooring is worth the initial investment for a lifetime of durable, fashionable flooring!

Choose the Best Professionals When Installing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a worthwhile investment when installed properly. Make sure you choose the best professionals when installing hardwood floors. 

Ulta Home Improvements experts can help you choose the ideal flooring for your home and complete the installation! Contact us for a free quote.