Why choose a school painting company and not a general painting contractor? After all, painting is painting no matter where you paint, right?

Not necessarily.

School painting services focus on larger projects of various sizes. Hiring a service with vast expertise in school painting has many benefits. Such projects require more complex equipment and a bigger crew.

The process of identifying the best school painting service provider can be overwhelming. You have to select a contractor with a good track record in the industry. Also, you may have to stretch out your budget as needed.

So, how do you choose the best contractor from the many that exist? Here are five tips for choosing school painting services that you should follow.

1. Research

Don’t take a contractor’s word without doing a thorough background check. Unfortunately, scammers exist. Your top priority should be student safety.

So, you need to be extra cautious when making your selection. Ask other school institutions for recommendations and follow-up.

Go online and check the portfolio of the paint contractor to verify if they are reliable. Confirm that they have worked in a school setting before. A contractor aware of the safety standards that apply in school environments is the best.

Read reviews from reputable websites such as Google Reviews, Angie’s List, and Yelp. You’ll find out what other clients say about the painter’s credibility.

The best thing about reviews is you can easily get a reliable contractor from your local area. Confirm the services provided by the painting company in advance.

Prioritize one that offers additional services. They include surface preparation, sandblasting, metalizing, epoxy coating, etc.

Contact several potential contractors and ask them questions. A phone interview will clear up any doubts you have.

Compare their responses and choose a painter who is happy to answer your questions. They should prove that they have the necessary skills to perform the task.

2. Experience

Hire a painter with experience in school painting projects. They will know the type of paint to use. They also know to guide school owners on choosing the right colors.

Experience is crucial as it plays a huge role in safety. An experienced painter will protect your flooring and furniture when doing the work.

School painting is part of commercial painting. So, it requires more skill and endurance for the project to succeed.

That’s why school painting should never be a DIY project. It’s a large project. The appearance of the buildings is an integral part of marketing and branding.

An experienced painting contractor will offer real value for your money. Since they are well-established, most offer ongoing maintenance options, payment plans, or warranties.

Painting requires a lot of planning and preparation. You don’t want to deal with the process of buying materials and prep work before painting begins. Avoid the stress of following up on the project by hiring professional painters.

They will take care of all your school painting needs before you know it. With the best painter, you will not worry about not having clean lines or missed spots on the wall. If you want decorative painting, professional painters will accomplish it.

3. Number of Painters

The size of the project and the deadline will determine the number of painters to hire. Large school buildings need more painters to complete the project on time.

Most paint contractors employ more staff to cover all the building areas. They do so to be able to complete the task within the deadlines.

Make sure that all the painters in the team follow a methodical approach. When painting schools, contractors must follow some procedures for quality results.

Reputable school painting services follow the right approach when working on a project. It helps them achieve a long-lasting and high-quality paint finish.

A paint company with standard operating protocols is the best to hire. They will ensure that the paint job does not turn into a disaster. Hiring a non-professional team can cause the entire painting project to go wrong.

The painters must apply the coats uniformly to prevent discoloration and mismatched spots. Professional painters will maintain consistency to ensure they deliver quality services.

4. Use Appropriate Tools and Equipment

Hire a painting contractor who uses top-notch tools and products. This is crucial to achieving great finishes. The best painter understands the importance of using appropriate equipment and tools.

There have been technological advancements over the years in the painting industry. There are plenty of advanced tools that help make the painting job simpler.

Using the right tools will get the task done correctly. The contractor will do a flawless job using the latest technology.

Prioritize a contractor who has worked on all kinds of school painting projects. They will use uniform coats that appear beautiful and long-lasting.

Hire a painter with a good network of many paint manufacturers and suppliers. They will be able to access the latest equipment. Plus, they will help you choose perfect painting techniques and color combos.

5. Relevant Certifications, Insurance and Compliance

The painting contractor must follow the local compliance requirements when rendering their services. Keep in mind that the choice you make has a direct impact on the safety of the students.

Find out if they are certified and insured to supply their services to educational bodies. Confirm also if their staff and methods are compliant with the industry standards. Establish whether they have a plan for risk management and what it entails.  Require proof of insurance is a must.

Check if they have had previous compliance issues and how they resolved them. The best painter will not hesitate to disclose this information.

Confirm all these details before making a booking. You will have an idea of what to expect if you decide to hire their services.

Choose the Best School Painting Service

Use the above tips to hire the right school painting services. You will find the best painter from your local area with proper research. Make sure they are flexible enough to accommodate your school’s schedule.

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