Has your home been feeling a little drab? Are you looking to spruce it and give it a mew fresh look with some new fresh paint? Painting your home is an exciting project that can change the entire feel of each room.

However, one of the hardest parts is choosing the right color. If you’re struggling to find the perfect shades for your home, you can find all the paint color inspiration you need listed below. Choose from any one of these colors to see your house come alive with a new look.

1. Caramels and Creams

White can be far too sterile, and browns can be much too dark. Using a cream to warm up a space is an excellent choice and looks good in almost any room. And for those that need more color, caramel can add comforting tones to those areas that feel lacking.

Cream is especially neutral enough that you can use it with almost any other accent colors, including caramel. It is just far enough from white to add some life into a space without distracting or overwhelming. 

2. And It Was All Yellow

Yellow is back and better than ever. If you need big inspiration for your paint colors, look for marigold, lemon yellow, and butter yellow. These options will fill your space with bright energy and happiness. Marigold is a sophisticated deeper yellow that can bring in sunny feelings while remaining chic. 

Lemon yellow is bright and best for places like an accent wall in your kitchen or bathroom. It will give a good burst of color right where you need it. And if those two are a little too bold, butter yellow is a much more subdued option that works well in a bedroom or kitchen. 

3. A Pop of Pink

Bubble gum pink might sound too bold, but adding that pop of bright color could be exactly what your home needs. It adds some fun to the space and gives it more energy than a lot of other color choices.

And if you find bubble gum to be a bit too bright for what you want, you can take look at raspberry sorbet, to give you the perfect pastel paint color. Blush pink is an even lighter choice to consider, especially if you’re painting your living room or a bigger area. 

4. Rustic Rust

Rust offers a deep warmth in a lighter shade. If you want to add a unique paint color to a space but terracotta is too dark, rust might be the ideal compromise. It gives you the cozy feelings of autumn without cooling off a room and truly does look good all year round. 

5. Cerulean Skies

Cerulean comes in many shades, but this specific one resembles a perfect sky or the sun off a Robin’s egg. It’s calming and smooth like the ocean on a calm day, while also being warm and comforting like your favorite tea when it’s raining. This color is an excellent choice for a bathroom, bedroom, or office.

6. Great Grays

Grays never really go out of style, but for inspiration, you can focus on a few main shades. Light grey, greige, and green-gray are all great choices. Light grey can help a space remain cool and modern without taking away any light, like black or a darker shade would.

Greige is not misspelled but is a combination of gray and beige. It adds some warmth into the gray shade and gives you an excellent option for a remodeling project, especially in a bedroom or bathroom.

And green-gray is pretty self-explanatory. You get the relaxing impact of the green mixed with a great neutral so it works in most any space but is still a unique color that will give your home some standout style. 

7. Color Me Coral

Coral has been on trend for a few years and the forecast suggests it’s not going anywhere. If you aren’t ready to make the leap to pink but browns feel too dark, try coral for a splash of color and energy. It will brighten up a room as well as your home and would look great in an entryway or living room. 

8. Made for Mint

Mint is an excellent mix of blue and green when you don’t want to go too strongly either way. It offers the calming effect of blues while the green gives you relaxing vibes and positive feelings. It makes an excellent choice for a bedroom since it is bright and subtle at the same time.

You can pair mint with browns and wooden furniture especially works well. Using bolder accent furniture and decorations, mint can help pull a room together.  

9. Terracotta Time

If you want to add more warmth when choosing paint colors, terracotta is an excellent choice. It can be darker, so use it in a room that gets plenty of light, and watch it increase in coziness and warmth with every brush stroke. It is also a great neutral warm color, so you can pair it with bolder colored furniture and accent pieces. 

10. Simple Sage

Sage is consistently an excellent choice. Whether you’re painting your living room or looking for a bathroom paint color, you can’t go wrong with sage. It is relaxing and warm and gives your home a nice earthy feel without being overwhelming.

It pairs well with creams, browns, greys, and blues. But you can also go bolder and incorporate brighter yellows and oranges into the room as well. 

The Perfect Paint Color Inspiration

Don’t lose that excitement you had when first flipping through paint chips. Going through so many different shades is exhausting at best, but this list can help you whittle down your choices, or give some in the first place.

A paint job can make a huge difference for a home. Once you’re done with the hard part of choosing and painting, you’ll have a whole new home to enjoy. And if this did help you get some paint color inspiration, you can find even more right here